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PODSIMKA offers new mobile possibilities
The guideline of our activities is working out and promoting the innovative multiservice platform, giving telecommunication, financial, advertising and other services to their end users by means of mobile phones access.
The unique platform, which we have entitled PODSIMKA, offers new services to users on the basis of any models of cell phones. The partners of the company that place their services on the PODSIMKA platform have an opportunity to get direct access to the clients by means of their phones without profit sharing with communication statements.
Our purpose is satisfying the needs of all users through services of PODSIMKA. The mobile phones give a considerable amount of favorable services for an everyday life to end-users.
It is practical, convenient, and profitable. PODSIMKA allows users to save the most precious resource — time, through the mobile instrument of payment, a new format of realization of services, and providing safety of their reception.
For the partners PODSIMKA — the new effective instrument of development increases profitability of business at the expense of launching of additional services, NFC-technologies and decreases the costs connected with it. The instrument completely meets legislative and trade cases in the sphere of information security.
Success of our product is based on application of the advanced world experience and direct participation in the project of the first-rate developers of microelectronics from Germany and France. Our team is an international group of engineers and developers, standing at the origins of modern systems of giving of mobile services.