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PODSIMKA enables up to 16 applications of different service-providers. Every application is completely isolated from the others, and only the service-provider can get access to it.
At the bottom of the solution, there is a centralized program platform providing life cycle management of PODSIMKA facilities and remote protected access (OTA) to them both for operators of the platform in general and providers of certain services. The platform has its own means of integration with service-providers systems, including tools that enable the partners through the OTA-channel to independently develop and update applications operating in their clients’ devices with PODSIMKA facilities.


The safety of platform functioning is provided by the certification authority of PODSIMKA and authentication using the Public Keys Infrastructure (PKI) both at the level of OTA-access to the facilities themselves and at the level of certain applications of service-providers. The data of users is secure. The only thing required from a client is to authenticate himself by entering a PIN-code when starting the application.